We offer unique personalised vertical gardens and landscapes for homes, restaurants and public spaces.

The process

A collaborative process that infuses your ideas and dreams into a living, breathing work of art


1. Onsite visit - determine growing conditions and suitable species, and understand your passions and ideas.

2. Provide inspiration - provide you with ideas and alternatives to get excited about.

3. Determine physical requirements - green wall methods/substrates, watering systems, whether lighting or sun screens are required, and any other physical requirements such as landscaping / building.

4. Finalise plant selection and design- The fun part! Selection of interesting plant species and design perfect for the space and growing conditions available.

5. Price and payment terms finalised - at competitive market rates.

6. Plant green wall - dependent on wall size and accessibility planting can generally be completed between two to five days.

7.  Maintenance, support and education - detailed education visit and ongoing support to ensure your garden looks fantastic and healthy over the long term (more details below).

Maintenance, support and education

Giving you the confidence that your garden will continue to look fantastic for years to come

1. First year maintenance included in price -  1, 2, 6 and 12 month visits to ensure intensive establishment.

2. Free replacement of transplant failures - with the exception of insect attack, any plants that do not survive replanting will be replaced for free.

3. Ongoing phone and email tutoring - send photos by phone, question anytime and unlimited (I love to chat about plants!).

4.  Garden renewal or modification - free appraisal and quote should you want to refresh your design or make any modifications.

5. Long term maintenance available - quarterly / half yearly / annual maintenance tailored to your needs.

6. Minder service - if you are overseas of unable to tend to your garden for extended periods of time we will happily baby sit.